Interfaith coexistence towards a developed society free of violent ethno-religious and socio political conflict.


To create a peaceful society through non- violent and strategic engagements in Nigeria and beyond.

    Misconception and blind followership that is being used by some elements of misguided religious and political leadership in the name of God.
    Lack of sustainable funds that will enable us to sustain some projects that need a thorough sustenance.
    Role played by some Donor Agencies as regard changes in the initial plan to CNN conflict flash point.
    Government and multinational investments firm lack of serious investment in peace building project.

    The recent and current killings of civilian populations, and bitter, unresolved social divisions ranging from SECTARIANISM in the Jos  crisis is a thing of concern. This troubled situation calls for prayer, repentance and a critical re-examination of the very meaning of true reconciliation...........


    Faith is what we recognize in Interfaith Mediation Centre (IMC). It is this faith that we hold strongly to, and it is this faith that helps us discharge our duties successfully. Though there may be differences, but one thing we know for sure is that GOD is the Ultimate and that it is only HIM that sustains us ALL irrespective of what name you call Him.

    IMC’S way of bringing people together is by using FAITH. No wonder, it is our tradition that in what ever intervention towards peace building and conflict resolution or capacity building for our identified stakeholders through workshops/trainings we conduct, we always tell participants to observe a minute silent prayer in whatever faith he/she believes in, before and at the end of any program like 24オプション. The conclusion of every prayer is always AMIN/AMEN in whatever way you choose to pronounce it.

    Our Mission statement is “Peace is Divine, Preach it”. Which faith does not preach about PEACE? We strive to practice what we preach as the HOLY BOOKS teach. As faith based people, GOD the ALMIGHTY is whom we all believe in and to him ALONE we are accountable to.

    Our Aspiration is the re-affirmation of the Biblical and Quranic affirmations of the common bound of the human family.

    The Tanenbaum Center for Inter-religious understanding (New York) Peace Activities Award Recipient(USA) 2000.Peace Activist... 2000
    The Kaduna Junior Chambers, peace Humanitarian Award Recipient, 2004. Peace Humanitarian... 2002
    Search for Common Ground International Peace Building Award Recipient, 2004.Common Ground... 2004
    Heroes of Peace Award Recipient, (INKHINGI AMAHORO) Burundi, 2004.Heroes of Peace... 2004
    Doctorate Degree (Ph.D.) of Alternative Medicine, India, 2005.Doctorate Degree... 2005
    Peace Makers and Preventing Inter-Religious Conflict Award by the Nigeiran People�s Forum Award (USA), 2005.Peace Makers... 2005
    Bremen Peace Award Recipient (Germany) 2005.Bremen Peace... 2005
    Apostle of Peace Award Recipient, by Catholic Youth Denary, Kaduna 2005.Apostle of Peace... 2005
    Ambassador of Peace by the Inter-Religious and International Federation for World Peace, 2005.Ambassador of Peace... 2005
    PAN Commonwealth Nigeria Role Model Award, Abuja 2005.PAN Commonwealth... 2005
    ASHOKA Fellows Award, 2006.ASHOKA Fellows... 2006
    The Pastor and Imam: Responding to Conflict.
    Forgiveness and Reconciliation:Islam and Christians persective.
    Training Manual on Interfaith Guide for Good Governance.
    Community Conflicts in Nigeria(Contributed).

    Peace Edcation manual for Senior secondary Schools in Christians and Islamic Rligious Knowledge.

    Faith based Advocacy on the Right of Women.

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